Popokvil Waterfall

Popokvil Waterfalls is a waterfall in Kampot Province, Cambodia. It is located about 3 miles north-east of Bokor Hill Station. It is a two-tiered fall, with a shallow pool in between.

Popokvil is a Waterfall located in Bokor National Park close to Kampot town in Cambodia. This Waterfall with a pool surrounded by beautiful scenery and pleasant weather makes it a popular destination for tourists visiting Kampot Province.

During summer, most of the water dries up, and you can find people camping near the rocks beside the Waterfall. You can hike to the base of the falls during all the seasons except the rainy season when the water flow is at the highest. In this walking trail, if you are lucky, you can also spot some exciting wildlife, such as giant red squirrels and macaques.

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