Phnom Chhngok Cave

Phnom Chhnork is a Hindu cave temple in Kampot Province, southern Cambodia, located about 5 miles north-east of Kampot. The temple was built in the 7th century from Funan brick, dedicated to Shiva. It is accessed via stone steps.

Located around 12 km from Kampot, 25 km from Kep, and 140 km from Phnom Penh, Phnom Chhngok is a small mountain featuring a Buddhist temple on one side and on its western side a cave featuring an ancient temple dating to the 5th century Funan Era.

From the site entrance on the western side follow the staircase that leads up and past a Buddhist shrine to a viewpoint over the fields and then, down into the cave, passing a small monolith that’s shaped like an elephant. You can see the temple the moment you start to head down.

The cave is quite cavernous and lets in a little more light than the nearby cave temples, although, you will still need extra lighting if you want clear photos. The temple is built up against the wall and around a stalactite

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