Durian Roundabout

Kampot is famed for its durian, so what could be more fitting than a giant durian monument in celebration of the Marmite of fruit?

The Durian roundabout is an iconic landmark of Kampot town. The roundabout pays fitting tribute to the area’s fertile soils and climate, which make it ripe for growing the much-loved – and hated – fruit. Kampot was famed for its durians, with the industry peaking until the 1970s when orchards were burned by the Khmer Rouge.

Today, the fruit is making a comeback as more and more durian farms dot the province. In addition to the large durian, the statue also depicts pineapples, rambutan, longan and other fruits.

Kampotians celebrate their famous fruit with the largest roundabout in town.

Cambodian towns often have a landmark roundabout statue and it is a common photo opportunity when visiting the provinces to take a shot of yourself with local landmarks as a backdrop so don’t be surprised to find locals surrounding them to take selfies.

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